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Finals Packages are in the mail!  If you are not going to the finals please let me know as soon as possible.  As soon as I know if you are being pulled up in an event I will let you know.  STALLS AND CAMPERS - I am going to ask you please fill out the reservation form and get in the mail.  I will take them as they come in.  It has been a great season and we all look forward to the finals in July!   POSTMARK IS JUNE 27 - please mail in as early as possible - you may postdate your check to June 27!!!

Thank you for the great rodeo season this past year!  It was a great success – we handed out $15,500 in Senior TYRA Scholarships - $5,000 in Chad Thames Memorial Scholarships – added $17,500 in the finals payout bringing the total payout for the finals to $44, 480.00 and awarded $100.400.00 in saddles and buckles.

Congratulations to all our winners!

Rough Stock may be at the beginning or the end of the rodeos and may be doubled up for the weekend - this is up to the rodeo committee.

Poles (sub, jr, sr)
Tie Down (jr, sr)
Cloverleaf (sub, jr, sr)
Steer Wrestling (they may double up on this as well)
Breakaway (jr boys, jr girls, sr girls)
Fig 8 (Sub, jr)
Ribbons (jr, sr)
Goats (jr, sr)
Team Roping

The Texas Youth Rodeo Association (TYRA) is a family oriented organization that strives to produce youth rodeos that support and promote the sport of youth rodeo throughout Texas.  The 2013 TYRA State Finals Rodeo was a huge success with over $100,400 in prizes presented to the top contestants.  The TYRA board added an additional $15,000 to the total pay out for the finals!  There were 19 scholarships awarded to graduating seniors for another $15,500 given during the week.  In the past seven years TYRA has given out 85 scholarships totaling $83,000.00.  Contestants qualified for the Finals rodeo by accumulating points in each of the 24 sanctioned rodeos held throughout the state of Texas.  The distinguished top 25 in each event and age group compete at this prestigious event.

Slone Saddles were presented to the Year End Champions in each event and the All Around Champions for the year end and the Finals Rodeo as well, a total of 61 saddles were presented during the finals.  A Cut Above buckles were given to 2nd thru 6th place year-end finishers in each event and age group.

The TYRA Directors for the 2014 season are:  President- John Atkinson; Vice President – Brandon Bratton; Secretary, Mark Giese; Treasure, Elva Puig Board Members:  Rhonda Berry, Randy Halbert, Hicks Harris, Russ Herndon, Wade Pinkston, Kyle Thames, and Bennie Vickers.

The TYRA Board would like to thank you all the Parents and sponsors for their help and support throughout the years!!!  Without you, TYRA’s success would not be possible!  THANKS!!!

The TYRA Corporate Secretary is Anne Dollery, if you have any questions or concerned please feel free to contact her at 979-272-2249 or 979-412-2551 or any board member.


2013 Finals All Around Champions

Sub-Junior All Around Cowgirl…………..Acey Pinkston

Sub-Junior All Around Cowboy………….Mason Smith

Junior All Around Cowgirl…………………Bailey Bennight

Junior All Around Cowboy………………..Justin DeLaGarza

Senior All Around Cowgirl………………..Jimmie Smith

Senior All Around Cowboy………………..Tanner Green

2013 Year End All Around Champions

Sub-Junior All Around Cowgirl…………..Acey Pinkston

Sub-Junior All Around Cowboy………….Mason Smith

Junior All Around Cowgirl………………..Davette Stegman

Junior All Around Cowboy………………..John Michael Elliott

Senior All Around Cowgirl………………..Jimmie Smith

Senior All Around Cowboy………………..Reid Halbert


Event                        Year End Event Champions                 Finals Average Champions

Sub Jr. Cloverleaf                    Acey Pinkston                                      Mason Smith  

Sub Jr. Figure 8’s                     Clay Martin                                         Clay Martin    

Sub Jr. Poles                            Mason Smith                                       Mason Smith

Jr. Cloverleaf                           Davette Stegman                                Madison Outhier        

Jr. Figure 8’s                            Bailey Gubert                                      Bailey Gubert 

Jr. Girls Breakaway                 Hannah Allison                                    Hannah Phillips

Jr. Goat Tying                          Shaye Jessee                                       Cooper Clinton

Jr. Polebending                       Madison Outhier                                 Mayce Marek

Jr. Ribbon Running                  Bailey Bennight                                   Bailey Bennight

Chute Dogging                        Garrett Oates                                      Spin Edwards (Buckle)              

Jr. Boys Breakaway                 Cullen Eppright                                   Kolton Adams                         

Jr. Ribbon Roping                    Janson Dawson                                 Janson Dawson           

Jr. Tiedown                              Spin Edwards                                    Luke Krolczyk                         

Sr. Girls Breakaway                Jimmie Smith                                      Jimmie Smith

Sr. Goat Tying                         Jimmie Smith                                      Jimmie Smith

Sr. Polebending                       Shelby Herrmann                                Bridgette Ivicic

Sr. Cloverleaf                          Shelby Herrmann                                Hailey Kinsel

Sr. Ribbon Running                 Alise Driggers                                     Emorie Mazoch

Sr. Ribbon Roping                   Trenton Smith                                     Austin Atkinson

Sr. Tiedown                             Hondo Harris                                       Hondo Harris

Steer Wrestling                       Dustin Barton                                      Dustin Barton 

Team Roping – Header           Mason Boettcher                                Walker Harris

Team Roping -  Heeler                Reid Halbert                                        Utah Cox

Jr. Steer Riding                       Alan Morales                                      Alan Morales

Bull Riding                               Alejandro Flores                                  Tres Garcia

Bareback                                 Lane McGehee                                    Lane McGehee



Any questions or comments about TYRA please
Email Anne Dollery - Corporate Secretary



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